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Types of Finishing

Lamination gives a thin layer of protective coating, making the print material water resistant, while adding a smooth finish. Types of lamination include gloss, matt and soft touch.
Varnish is a liquid coating that is added to your paper to give a smooth and consistent finish without adding too much weight to the paper stock. Examples include Spot UV and Orange Peel effects.
Die Cut & Laser Cut
Die cutting involves cutting shapes or designs out of the paper using a die. It changes the shape of the print stock. Some examples include creating rounded corners on a business card and cutting patterns into the surface of a page.
Hot Stamping
A metallic foil is applied with pressure to the stock using heated metal die and a hot foil stamping machine. This creates a shiny and highly reflective surface.
Emboss & Deboss
Emboss adds a tactile appeal to your print material by creating a three-dimensional impression on the paper. Deboss or letterpress, creates an indent that adds physical depth to your designs.
Mounting Boards
Used for signages, mounting boards are available in different materials and thickness. This includes foam boards in white or black base, forex (PVC) etc.
The inclusion of a PVC cap at the edges helps to reduce damages, and also creates an effect of making the signage look framed up.
Binding is the fastening of individual pages together. Different methods include spiral binding, wire-o binding, saddle stitching and perfect binding.
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Experienced, creative and motivated

Tap into our pool of experienced graphic designers to bring your campaign to life. We will work alongside you to develop creative work that is in line with the branding of your company.
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Getting the products to your hands

With our extensive delivery network, we make sure all items are delivered in a timely manner, and reaches the hands of your customers safely.
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Leave the messy, mass mailing tasks to us

Let us aid you in your marketing campaign and complete the mailing services for you. After printing, we coordinate the mail drops to make sure it is one seamless process.
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